General DescriptionEdit

Egyptian bastet

The Egyptian Goddess Bast (or Bastet) who gave the Bastets their 'gift'.

Nobody knows when the first Bastet was created, but the fact that they come from Egypt and are named after the Egyptian Goddess Bast suggest it was around the time of the Ancient Egyptians.

Bastets are incredibly vain, believing themselves to be special because they were ‘chosen by a Goddess’ and ‘gifted’ rather than cursed. As a result, they think very highly of themselves and will often look down on the ‘inferior’ races, such as humans and werewolves. Vampires, however, are one of the few races they actually get along with, because of the vampires arrogance, which perfectly complements a bastet’s vanity. Both races have a kind of mutual respect for one another.


As humans, bastets tend to wear a ‘uniform’ of similarity, as a sign of unity
Ella the Bastet

Ella, the resident Bastet of the Caerleon Brotherhood in Britain wearing her variation of the 'uniform'. Beneath the sleeves of her leather jacket are the golden vambraces, though she has no belt, and therefore no need for golden buckles.

and ‘togetherness’. All bastets (in human form) have either natural black hair, or hair that is dyed black. They also keep it cropped short (for men) or

Ella the Bastet in her feline form.

straight, shoulder length (for women), and their clothing is almost always black jeans, black shirt, leather jacket and leather boots, with gold vambraces (for both men and women) and gold buckles (on belts, boots etc). They also wear black fingerless gloves and have a tattoo on the back of their right shoulder of the symbol for Bast, the Egyptian Goddess. Their eyes can be any colour, and it is merely personal choice whether or not they choose to wear green contacts.

In their feline forms, all bastets are black panther-like creatures with golden claws and razor sharp fangs. They have eerie green eyes and stand a good six feet from the top of their shoulder to the ground. This makes them smaller than werewolves, but no less deadly.