Time travel is readily available and easily achieved in The Paradox of Time, and as such, many historical figures make appearances quite often. Here is a list (that will be constantly updated) of historical figures who have been encountered so far, or who can be encountered if members wish.

St George - Famed dragon slayer, and Patron Saint of England

King Arthur Pendragon - High King of Britain

Queen Guinevere Pendragon - Queen and wife of King Arthur

Sir Gwaine, Son of Lot - Nephew of King Arthur, Son of King Lot and Morgana Le Fay and Knight of the Round Table.

Sir Percivale, Son of Pellinore - Son of King Pellinore and Knight of the Round Table.

Lady Torani, High Priestess of the Triple Goddess - Half-sister of Sir Gwaine and daughter of King Lot.

Queen Nefertari Merytmut - Queen of Egypt in the 19th Egyptian Dynasty

Queen Victoria - Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, Empress of India and Defender of the Faith.